Spotify Playlists

Spotify playlist: Latin jazz bop dance

Another Zammo/Andy Powell playlist for Spotify – going by the name of Latin jazz bop dance. The title says it all, a playlist of jazzy grooves from across the spectrum, some tracks you'll know, others you will no doubt be hearing for the first time. If jazz has scared you […]

Spotify playlist: We Got Boogaloo

The title of our latest Spotify playlist says it all – We Got Boogaloo. Compiled by the forum's Zammo (aka Andy Powell), the playlist is packed full of Latin-inspired grooves from the 60s – Joe Bataan, Hector Rivera, Ray Barretto of course, but many lesser-known names too. Check it out […]

Spotify playlist: Humble Hammond

The Hammond organ, created by Laurens Hammond in 1934 and a mainstay in popular music since the 1950s. So here we have a Spotify playlist that celebrates it – Humble Hammond. From the 60s to (more or less) the present day, but missing out the prog and metal bands. So […]

Spotify playlist: Pomp!

I've been working on this for a while, but lack of availability of some tracks has limited the progress of the Pomp! playlist on Spotify. But it's finally added up to a decent number of tunes. The clue is in the name – slightly pompous, over-produced or just a bit […]

Spotify playlist: Trojan Valentine's

Ok, I'll admit this isn't one of ours, but if you're looking for something appropriate this weekend on Spotify, check out this Trojan Valentine's Playlist, which come from the Trojan site. In fairness, it's probably more reggae than ska, which may or may not float your boat. But if you […]

Spotify playlist: Sue Records

The Sue label has been responsible for bringing some mighty fine soul, R&B and jazz tunes to a wider audience, so the Sue Records Spotify playlist is certainly worthy of your attention. @mehulmusic off Twitter has compiled a whopping 93 tracks from the Sue label, lasting – wait for it […]