Spotify Playlists

Spotify playlist: One Foot In The 60s

I did this Spotify playlist for the Electric Roulette site originally, thinking it was probably a little too leftfield for the Modculture site. But with so many visitors here having varied tastes in music, the One Foot In The 60s playlist might be up your street. Everything on the playlist […]

Spotify playlist: Ska & Rocksteady

If you fancy dipping your toe into vintage Jamaican sounds, but haven't been sure where to start, might I recommend this Spotify playlist? It goes by the simple, but descriptive name of Ska & Rocksteady. And that's exactly what you get from Sulli (off the Modculture forums) – classic ska […]

Spotify playlist: In At The Outhouse

Not done one of these for a while, so here's a Spotify playlist produced by Zammo on the Modculture forums, going by the name of In At The Outhouse. It's packed with 35 old school grooves – jazz, blues, R&B, Hammond, a touch of Latin you know the kind of […]

Spotify playlist: School For Cool

Very much liking this Spotify playlist via the Modculture forums – School For Cool. Compiled by Slim Jenkins, it's a collection of 15 laid back grooves, everything from Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Quartet through to Serge Gainsbourg and Barry Adamson. Perfect for a relaxing evening indoors. Check it […]

Spotify playlist: Back to the Basement

Following on from his excellent Down in the Basement playlist, Sulli has come up with another gem of a Spotify playlist – Back to the Basement. 32 tracks, covering staple mod territory of vintage Latin, jazz, R&B and soul once more, some you'll know, some that will be new to […]

Spotify playlist: Down in the Basement

Spotify is really taking off and with it, some superb playlists – because with Spotify, anyone can be an album compiler. Like Sulli off the Modculture forums, who has done the superb Down in the Basement. It's good, traditional mod territory – soul, jazz, latin and R&B – a mix […]

Spotify playlist: 80s mod club sounds

Thanks to David McGurrell for providing a Spotify playlist, which he calls Newcastle Mods Mid 80s. Which is effectively what it is – according to David, '…those going to the Mayfair and the Wreck in Newcastle in the mid 80s should recognise them'. A total of 20 tracks, most of […]

Spotify playlist: 80s jazz scene

We're going a bit leftfield with the latest Spotify playlist, back 20 or so years and into the world of jazz. Compiled by Slim Jenkins off the Modculture forums, it's called Jazz Grooves and is quite simply '…jazzy sounds…so me of which we used to enjoy in clubs back in […]