ABC of Men’s Fashion reissued

First issued in 1964, long out of print and sought after by just about everyone with an interest in classic/vintage fashion and style, The ABC of Men’s Fashion by Hardy Amies is finally scheduled for a reissue in the coming weeks. It’s re-appearance is down to the V&A, which is […]

Simon Carter Target cufflinks

I noticed recently that Simon Carter is now doing a fashion line that’s very late 60s influenced, but he’s still probably best know for his cufflinks and watches. Indeed, if you’re after that old favourite – the Target Cufflinks – he’s got a pair on sale right now. Just as […]

Aertex Ben Sherman-style shirts

We have previously mentioned the Aertex range of polo shirts (including that Weller-related top), but new in is a range of Ben Sherman-style shirts – although they’re obviously not called that. From the photos on the website, it’s clear they’re pitching them to a mod and skin-friendly market. But what […]

Ben Sherman limited bowling shoes

Target alert! Yes, another limited edition product from Ben Sherman, producing an "authentic style" bowling shoe (which always seem to be in demand by someone) – then being unable to resist slapping a target on the side. If that appeals to you, these are limited to just 700 pairs each […]

Aertex Paul Weller polo shirt

Yet more Paul Weller-related clothing, although this is claimed to be a replica as opposed to being endorsed. According to Aertex, this Axe polo shirt is a special edition replica of the polo worn by Paul Weller on the cover of The Jam’s Beat Surrender. Now I thought that cover […]

Paul Weller talks shirts

Following on from the launch of the Paul Weller-designed Ben Sherman shirts, Paul Weller is in the Mail On Sunday today, discussing the shirt, other Weller-designed fashion (with Hudson and Fred Perry) and a few other bits and pieces. And because the Mail has a decent (and updated) website, you […]

Onitsuka Tiger Nippon 60 trainers

Definitely my favourite trainers of the moment are these Onitsuka Tiger Nippon 60 trainers, which, as the name suggests, date back to 1960. Reissued  by the company for 2007, they were designed for the Japanese delegation at the Olympics in Rome for that year. They feature a contrasting white stripe […]