Going Out

Hideaway Christmas

It’s the season to be jolly – and of course to listen to top notch soul music. So why not combine the two at the Hideaway Club Christmas Special!

Saturday 17th December
Upstairs at The Waldolf Pub
Gore Street (opp The Malmaison Hotel)
city centre Manchester

All the very best in New breed R&B and classic club soul with your resident DJs Neil Henderson (dressed as a Wise Man), Paul Welsby (dressed as Father Christmas due to the size of his belly) and Mike Warburton (dressed as an elf, due to his shortness of height).

And not forgetting Damien Hewitt bringing you the latest R&B discoveries and the legendary Barry Tasker – the original Twisted Wheel man with the usual top notch mod sounds.

it’s on from 9pm until 2am at a cost of £3 members or £4 guests.

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