Christys & Co pork pie hats

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According to our information, Christys & Co were responsible for bringing the pork pie hat to the British high street, producing the hat for Dunn & Co in the early 60s. Now it's back – but in strictly limited numbers.

The limited edition reissue goes by the name of the Maddern pork pie (named after Keith Maddern, who is responsible for this limited run), but is made and sold by Christys & Co, the hat made to order by the company and sold in their box. Each hat takes 3 to 4 weeks to make and is sold with a certificate of authenticity containing the number of the hat along with a 'care of your hat' brochure.


Want one? They retail for £100 (including UK delivery and a donation to the Macmillan Cancer Charity). If you plan on ordering, make sure you give the correct hat size (measure just above your ears and around the circumference of your head in either inches or centimetres) and state which colour you require – black, navy, light grey or burgundy.

No online payment as yet, you'll need to email [email protected] for more details and payment options or send a cheque/postal order to Keith Maddern at 168 Maryrose Ave, Wootton Bridge, Ryde, IOW PO33 4PA with the necessary details.

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  1. keith maddern

    A big thans to David and all the moderators for the article about the hat.
    Having only launched the hat this week the response has been amazing and so pleasent.
    Thanks for all the enquiries.
    I expected or at least hoped people would feel the same way about this iconic head wear as I did.
    You know the convesations we all have after afew beers about wouldn’t it be nice if ?
    Well I was diagnosed last year with cancer and after a long haul of Chemotherapy and stem cell transplants.
    I was left bald so I started wearing hats and the old conversation about pork pies came up again. This time I decided to do something and not just idle talk.
    I wanted to share this hat with all who had dreamt ,talked about or reminised about the hat.
    I felt that it would be popular in the u.k. But the enquirysa re coming in from all around the Globe.
    At present I donot have paypal but we are looking into it and other ways of on line payment meanwhile it can be bought from Cameo & Boots in Ryde or through me at the email given.
    I think the 500 will go and leave a demand for further numbers I am looking at the way to satisfy the needs over and above the special addition any suggestions or thoughts let me know.
    Thanks for the orders I have already and the wonderful comments and letters if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.
    Best regards and thank to all the team at Mod Culture.
    Keith Maddern

  2. Lymphomaniac

    Just an update on ordering the Maddern pork pie.
    Please note that the last order date to buy a hat for Christmas will be December 8th 2009.
    Depending on the response & volume of orders before this date I may order a small Quantity of hats and hold them for last moment orders.
    If I do that you are in a lucky dip situation as to whether I have your size?
    So I would prefer you ordered to avoid dissapointment.
    Don’t forget these are a limited number at present.

  3. lymphomaniac

    THERE IS NOW A PAYPAL ACCOUNT for ordering this hat.
    Keith Maddern

  4. Lymphomanic

    Many thanks to all the members here who have supported the relaunch by purchasing a hat.
    The response has been remarkable,
    Boots & Camo Off The Wall in Ryde have done a great job in supporting the original concept behind the hat and are pushing on with the advertising in time for the Scooter run on the Island this Summer.
    Please support them and the campaign this year.
    Meanwhile my battle with Cancer continues and touch wood every thing is OK.
    At present due to my weakened immune system I am struggling with a bad case of shingles but many thanks on a personal notice to all who have contacted me with good wishes and support.
    Thanks to you all it is a great thing to be a mod.
    God Bless & fond Wishes to you all.

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