Colourfield albums get CD reissue

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Ok, I'll say it – for me, the first Colourfield album is the best album Terry Hall has produced in his varied career. Yes, he's all over The Specials now, but Virgins and Philistines is top-notch, 60s-inspired pop that sounds as good today as it ever did. Oh yes, it's being reissued by Cherry Red.

The original album came out on 1984, doing decent business on the back of Thinking Of You (which isn't really representative of the album), but hasn't been around in the UK on CD prior to this release.

It has been available in Japan though, with this release more or less the same, complete with 10 extra rarities to bump things out. Also being reissued is the follow-up, Deception, which I seem to remember was not so good. Anyway, track listings are over the page, with both out on Cherry Red  on 22nd March 2010.

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Virgins and Philistines:

Thinking Of You / Faint Hearts / Castles In The Air / Take / Cruel Circus / Hammond Song / Virgins And Philistines / Yours Sincerely / Armchair Theatre / Sorry / Bonus Tracks – The Colour Field (A-Side Single) / My Wild Flame (B-Side) / Pushing Up The Daises (B-Side) / Windmills Of Your Mind (B-Side) / Sorry (B-Side) / Little Things (B-Side) / You Love Was Smashing (B-Side) / Can’t Get Enough Of You Baby (B-Side) / My Wild Flame (Extended Version) (Bside) / The Colour Field (Extended Version) (Bside)


Badlands / Running Away / From Dawn To Distraction / Confession / Miss Texas 1967 / She / Heart Of America / Digging It Deep / Monkey In Winter / Goodbye Sun Valley / Bonus Tracks – Things Could Be Beautiful (A-Side) / Frosty Mornings (B-Side) / Pushing Up Daisies (Live) (B-Side) / Yours Sincerely (Live) (B-Side) / She (Single Mix) (A-Side) / Monkey In Winter (With Sinead O Connor) (B-Side) / Running Away (Arthur Baker Dub Version) (B-Side)

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  1. Excellent band The Colourfield, and a fave of me wife’s. Got something else I can buy her for her birthday next month now!

  2. Gary Campbell

    Always loved this album – don’t know where my vinyl copy went but been waiting for a cd issue for years. Thanks for the good news. #g

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