Coming soon: Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances – a Pete Meaden biography

Pete Meaden
Pete Meaden
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Looking forward to this – Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances, which is a Pete Meaden biography and the work of Pete Wilky and John Hellier.

Details are still a little vague as the book isn’t quite finished (but judging by Pete Wilky’s Facebook feed, it’s very close to completion.

Anyway, as you probably know, Meaden was an original mod face and the first manager of The Who. From that alone, you know the story is well worth telling. Sadly, the story isn’t as long as you would like, with Meaden leaving us aged just 36. But that life did pack a lot in, both during the mod era and beyond.

It sounds like the right people have taken the job on too, with the authors getting the likes of Andrew Loog Oldham (Meaden’s former business partner and Rolling Stones manager), Pete Townshend, Irish Jack and Richard Barnes involved with the project.

The finished book will be the first release on the Light & Dark label and will be delivered in late summer. In the meantime, you might want to follow the Facebook accounts of Light & Dark or Pete Wilky for ongoing developments.

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