Delayed: Modzines by Eddie Piller and Steve Rowland

Coming soon: Modzines by Eddie Piller and Steve Rowland
Coming soon: Modzines by Eddie Piller and Steve Rowland
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We now have the finished artwork for Modzines by Eddie Piller and Steve Rowland, but the book has now been delayed.

Details of the book have been trickling in over the weeks, but it now looks like the book, which is published by Omnibus Press, will land on 7th February 2019. That’s bad news if you wanted it for Christmas – or know someone who did.

On the plus side, the book is more far-reaching this I initially thought (and more than was indicated by the initial publicity). Which is the good news part of this.

Steve Rowland got in touch a while back to add that the 160-page book doesn’t end in 1984 (as the original artwork indicated) but actually pushes on to the present day. Which is a good news story – fanzines are still very much with us today in one form or another.

But as the title suggests, the mod revival era is key to the book and that’s no surprise. The fanzine was king in the 1980s (and into the 1990s too).

The latest write-up of the book states:

Modzines is an original book that documents the fast living world of fanzines during the Mod revival years, fully illustrated with original artwork and photography.

Leading figures from the scene including fanzine editors, bands, DJs, promoters, journalists and main faces are interviewed providing exclusive behind the scenes stories, anecdotes and memories.

Fully illustrated with original, rare artwork from key issues as well as front covers and spreads from celebrated fanzines Direction Reaction Creation; Extraordinary Sensations; Roadrunner; Maximum Speed; Sense of Style; Sth Circular; Patriotic; Go Go; In The Crowd; Right Track; Beat That and many more.

Which is pretty much all I know and all you probably need to make up your mind if this book is for you or not. I believe Paul Anderson’s Mod Art has been delayed until next year now (more on that elsewhere) so this might well tide you over or at the very least, find a nice spot on your Christmas list.

Pre-orders of Modzines is still available ahead of that new 7th February 2019 release date and now at a cheaper price of £13.88.

Find out more at the Amazon website

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  1. Steve Rowland

    its most definitely an old working cover I did last year, currently working finishing the final design and worth noting we cover from 70s thru to the present day… cheers Steve

  2. My old fanzine Dansette may or may not be in there – Eddie contacted me and I bunged him over some scans. I’d wondered what was happening with the book.

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