Coming soon: New Breed Workin’: Blues With A Rhythm (Kent)

New Breed Workin': Blues With A Rhythm (Kent)
New Breed Workin’: Blues With A Rhythm (Kent)
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Great to see another ‘New Breed’ compilation from Ace Records, specifically the New Breed Workin’: Blues With A Rhythm album on the Kent subsidiary.

This one is (almost) all about the rarities, with a third of the tracks on this album getting a first outing, with the rest being a trip through the Ace archives for some lesser-known tunes and recent rediscoveries too.

New Orleans R&B from the AFO vaults, a clutch of tracks from Cleveland Ohio indie blues labels and some gems from the Arock / Sylvia imprint (including a new version of Mary Johnson’s R&B dance classic ‘These Tears’) for example.

There are also ‘a couple of belters’ from earlier Ace CDs that may have been missed – Lord Luther’s ‘Poor Boy’s Song’ (popular on the Popcorn scene) and top dancer ‘Yes It’s You’ by Big Boy Groves with Little Margie, as well as as a number of obscure singles releases from the likes of Danny White, Varetta & The Thomases, Bertha Tillman, Beatrice Lee, Billy Ray, Little Betty and the Music City Soul Brothers.

Obviously all with the extensive lowdown you would expect from an Ace compilation.

You can pre-order now ahead of the 29th January 2016 release date, with the price at £11.99. Tracks below.

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Track listing:

1. The Twitch – Danny White – Danny White
2. My Baby’s Gone – Pee Wee – Pee Wee
3. Cruel World – Roosevelt Powers – Roosevelt Powers
4. I Can’t Even Enjoy My Home – Big Charley & The Domans – Big Charley & The Domans
5. You Never Know – B B King – B.B. King
6. (I Believe) Something Funny Is Going On Or Other – Bertha Tillman – Bertha Tillman
7. Poor Boy s Song – Lord Luther – Lord Luther
8. I’ve Got A Feelin For You Baby – Nookie Boy – Nookie Boy
9. Boss Man – Dean Hawley – Deane Hawley
10. Keep A Hold On Him – Beatrice Lee – Beatrice Lee
11. These Tears (Brass Version) – Mary Johnson – Mary Johnson
12. Lucky Girl – Joan Dovalle – Joan Dovalle
13. Steamboat – Arthur Grant & The Red Shoes – Arthur Grant and the Red Shoes
14. Workin’ Man – Papa Jarvis – Papa Jarvis
15. Real, Real Love – Ray Agee – Ray Agee
16. What Did I Do Wrong – Ovations – The Ovations
17. Let Me Know – Robbie Lee – Robbie Lee
18. Breaking Hearts – Varetta & The Thomases – Varetta & The Thomases
19. Playboy – Billy Ray – Billy Ray
20. Yes It’s You – Big Boy Groves & Little Margie – Big Boy Groves & Little Margie
21. Big John – Richard Berry – Richard Berry
22. Looking For My Baby – Music City Soul Brothers – Music City Soul Brothers
23. Twistin School – Little Betty – Little Betty
24. Now We Must Part – Chet Poison Ivey – Chet ‘Poison’ Ivey

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