Coming soon: The Capitol Northern Soul 7-inch box set

The Capitol Northern Soul 7-inch box set
The Capitol Northern Soul 7-inch box set
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Not content with producing a Chess Records box, Universal is also releasing The Capitol Northern Soul  7-inch box set on the very same day.

This is compiled by Richard Searling, pulling tracks from the Capitol archives between the years 1965 and 1969 and like the Chess box, a mix of the familiar and the lesser known.

One big selling points is a ‘first time anywhere in the world’ vinyl issue for Alexander Patton’s ‘(True Love Is) In The Heart’, with first time UK 7-inch pressings of Doris Troy’s ‘Face Up To The Truth’ and Jay D Martin’s ‘By Yourself’ to.

The Outsider’s ‘Lonely Man’ is being issued here legally for the very first time whilst there is also a first time 7-inch appearance for The Magnificent Men’s ‘Keep on Climbin’, a Wigan Casino track which had previously only existed as an album cut.

Also here is The World Column’s ‘So Is The Sun’, Patrice Holloway’s ‘Stolen Hours’ (another prized Wigan Casino track), Billy Preston’s sought after ‘The Girl’s Got It’, Jerry Cook’s ‘I Hurt On The Side’, Sam Williams ‘Love Slipped Through My Fingers’, Bobby Sheen’s ‘Sweet Sweet Love’ and Bobby Paris’ ‘I Walked Away’. The full breakdown is below.

The Capitol Northern Soul will come with an accompanying booklet with rare photographs and a download card.

A limited edition available from 24th July 2015, it again comes at a price – that price listed as £82.86.

Find out more at the Amazon website

A – Jay D Martin – By Yourself 1968
B – Sam Williams – Love Slipped Through My Fingers 1967

A – The Magnificent Men – Keep On Climbin’ 19667
B – The Outsiders – A Lonely Man 1966

A – The Rosebuds – Say You’ll Be Mine 1964
B – The World Column – So Is The Sun 1969

A – Alexander Patton – Say You’ll Be Mine 1966
B – Jerry Cook – I Hurt On the Other Side 1967

A – Bobby Paris – I Walked Away 1967
B – Bobby Sheen – Sweet, Sweet Love 1966

A – Gloria Jones – Come Go With Me 1966
B – Patrice Holloway – Stolen Hours 1966

A – Billy Preston – Sweeter The Girl’s Got “It” 1966
B – Doris Troy – Face Up To The Truth 1967

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