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Pretty Things v Norman Wisdom in What's Good For The Goose

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Nice to see a decent quality clip of 60s cult classic What's Good For The Goose hitting YouTube – so here it is.

Yes, that is Norman Wisdom in a dinner jacket, giving it his all as the Pretty Things play a gig in Southport (where he's actually supposed to be at a banking conference).

If you've not seen the film, yes it is as strange as that sounds. Enjoy the clip below:

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  1. The Pretty Things appearance isn’t that strange as the company that made the film, Tigon, featured their music in another Tigon film “The Haunted House Of Horror” ( the director of which made a short film starring David Bowie called “The Image” ). Both “What’s Good” & “Haunted” were filmed in a hotel in Southport.
    The Pretty Things released the music under the name “Electric Banana” on De Wolfe, it was used as library music in things as diverse as the film “Dawn Of The Dead”, a “Minder” episode ( “The Beer Hunter” ) & a famous BBC Play For Today called “Edna The Inebriate Woman”.

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