Danimod's Bang! podcast

Bang I’m always amazed how far the Mod scene has spread. The scene’s very healthy in Europe and indeed the US, but it’s surprising to hear of clubs and events elsewhere. There is actually a regular event in Brazil, run by Danimod.

BANG! (every 2nd Saturday of the month) covers 60s South American Samba, Bossa Nova, French beat, English freakbeat, ska, garage, soul and R&B. If you’re in the country, you’ll find it at NICO, Rua João Negrão, 45, Downtown, Curitiba in Brazil. Email for club details to [email protected].

If you’re not planning a trip to Brazil in the near future, Danimod has done a rather good podcast covering some of the sounds of the club, check it out at:

You can stream it online or download it to your machine by the usual podcasting software (including iTunes). And if you know of anymore podcasts or indeed events in places you perhaps wouldn’t expect, let us know.

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