David Barrow Mod/Soul paintings


David Barrow
has exhibited his paintings at some of the country’s leading galleries, counts Paul Weller amongst his fans and designed the cover for Ocean Colour Scene’s Live At The Jam House album. He also has prints of his mod and soul-based work available on is website.

The two series probably of most interest are his Northern Soul and Mod paintings. The Northern Soul images are based around the Wigan Casino (Barrow was born in the town), with the Mod paintings being more generic ‘parkas and scooters’ images.

Many of the images of display are in private or museum hands, but you can purchase prints of the work on 300g card, signed by the artist in either A4 or A3 sizes. Prices range between £9.99 and £19.99. Or if you have the money to purchase an original, contact the artist.

Find out more at the David Barrow website

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