David Bowie’s 1960s debut picture disc vinyl

David Bowie’s 1960s debut picture disc vinyl
David Bowie’s 1960s debut picture disc vinyl
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The title tells you what you want to know. David Bowie’s 1960s debut picture disc vinyl will soon be available as a limited edition.

But you can only get it at one place – and a pre-order is probably recommended. That place is Sound Of Vinyl, which has an exclusive on this one as far as I can see. So no point looking elsewhere really.

It lands on 29th January 2021, but you can pre-order it now from the Sound Of Vinyl site. Although whether you want to depends on your love of both picture discs (I know it splits the crowd) and Bowie’s 1960s output.

I’m a fan of that and this album in particular. I have done an extensive review of this 1967 Deram album if you want to check that out, but it applies to the CD version – which for me is the one to own, as it’s a deluxe edition with an extra disc of material. Saying that not everyone wants a CD these days so vinyl might be a better option.

This is a first-time release of the album on picture disc and features notable tracks like Silly Boy Blue and Love You Till Tuesday. Overall, it’s very much in 60s pop/beat territory, albeit a little quirkier than most.

Tracklisting below and if you want it, £19.99 is the price.

Find out more at the Sound Of Vinyl website

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