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Deadfall (1968) DVD reviewed

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New on DVD is Deadfall, which stars Michael Caine. Our review of it is now online.

Set in Spain and dating from 1968, Caine is recovering alcoholic and cat burglar, tempted back into the game by a husband and wife team with aspirations to clean up via the wealthy of Spain. But things turn sour when Caine falls for the wife.

John Barry soundtrack too (who sadly died this week), Deadfall is out to buy this week.

Deadfall DVD review at Modculture

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  1. “Even John Barry’s score feels like it was knocked out without much thought.”
    Really?!?! ‘Romance For Guitar And Orchestra’ is one his best pieces in my opinion.
    And how can you fail to mention that Barry actually appears in the movie conducting at a concert which is intercut with the heist. This scene lasts over 10 minutes if I recall correctly.
    Sure, it’s not a great film but it deserves a more thorough review.

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