Diana Mini 60s-style camera


You may recall we ran a top five 60s-style cameras feature earlier in the week, which featured the original Lomo Diana camera. Well, typically, as soon as we ran that feature, a new version appeared – the Diana Mini.

It's not just a miniaturised version of the original 60s cam, this one offer up the option to shoot old-fashioned square shots or half-frame shots, basically two shots in the same image side by side, which means you can get 72 images on one roll of 35mm film. You can even swap between the two with a flick of the switch.

You can also shoot long and multiple exposures and add a flash for better images in poor light. Prices vary depending on the package you got for, but sell from £46.90 with the 'Shoot Forever' Diana Mini Book thrown in for free.

Find out more at the Lomo website

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  1. that looks so cool!

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