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Discussion: What are you listening to?

The Artwoods - Art Gallery
The Artwoods – Art Gallery
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Ok, another popular discussion thread is back – what are you listening to?

So, just what are you listening to?

Personally, out of the pile of things I’m listening to right now, the following are perhaps being spun more than others:

Various Artists – Le Beat Bespoke Volume 5 (Circle Records)
The School – Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything (Elefant)
The Artwoods – Art Gallery (Repertoire)
Fay Hallam and the Bongolian – Lost In Sound (Blow-Up)
Steve Flanagan – I’ve Arrived (Spoke 45)

…and for those noisier moments, the DetroitRockSampler Spotify playlist on Electric Roulette. Not one for the faint hearted.

So, what are you playing right now? Let us know in the comments section below…

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  1. Memotorfilli

    on my turntables these days are :
                                                      Nick Waterhouse – Time’s all gone ( Innovative Leisure )                                                   The Floorettes – Pocket Full Of Soul ( Waterfall Records )                                                  The Excitements – The Excitements ( Penniman Records )                                                  DC Fontana – la contessa ( Teen Sound Records )                                                  The Primitives – Echoes and Rhymes ( Elefant Records ) Best regardsMemo(d)    

  2. Dana Smart

    On the speakers of late have been:

    The three new volumes of the best of Treasure Isle (ska, rock steady and original reggae) on Trojan.

    A couple of old Scepter/Wand and Musicor comps on Kent (“Kent’s Magic Touch,” “Livin’ The Nightlife”).

    Some rare Melodians recordings.

    And The Delirians and Irie Beats 45s on the L.A.-based reggae imprint Moon Dust.

  3. dave chown

    psyche/garage,ie rubble,circus days,nirvana`s rainbow chaser is blowing me away,barbara lynn “good woman cd has some blinding r`n`b on,def worth checking her “cajun” label output,rare mod cds,little classic+rare motown

  4. I’ve had Raina by Nick Waterhouse on constant repeat in my head for the last day or so.

    Album-wise, I’m into Miles of Styles by Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra at the moment

  5. The Who – Sell Out (expanded edition)  
     Pure pop fun, and the Radio London type commericals in between songs will always make you chuckle. An underrated album for sure.

  6. The Alabama Shakes first album. More blues than soul, but I’m enjoying it!!

  7. The Small face’s deluxe editions box sets from the begginning the best on for me.

  8. The Primitives – Echoes and Rhymes
    Lee Hazlewood – The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes and Backsides
    Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light
    Andrew Leigh – Magician
    Chairmen of the Board – In Session

  9. i was a mod in the 8ts ( who wasnt? ) and used to go to the bush, crawdaddy, pheonix, etc… nowadays, living in japan BUT still riding a vespa and dj`ing…. big tunes for me … jun mayuzumi / black room …. inn keepers / wanted …. woody herman/ the sidewinder….. once a mod, always a mod!

    mike, osaka , japan

  10. Arnaldo Layne

    Out Of Bounds – Trummor & Orgel (Tri-sound)
    Six Against Eight / La Contessa – DC Fontana (DC Tone)
    Are We The Red Inspectors? Are We? – The Red Inspectors (Acid Jazz)
    Fire Burning / I’ve Been Here Before – The Urges (Mersol) 7″
    Tigerella / Mooger Tea – Stereoscope Jerk Explosion (Cosmic Groove) 7″

  11. Steve Ward

    Im listening to a great mod podcast called ‘The Mod soul Review Podcast’ you guys should check it out. My fav tune the guy has played so far is Willie Hutch with ‘Lucky to be loved by you’.

  12. bignico2411

    The Animals – The Animals
    Jasmine Kara – Blues aint nothin but a good woman gone bad
    Mr Weller’s latest offering

  13. Tomvalcke

    On heavyweight vinyl:

    Paul Weller – Sonic Kicks
    V/a – Nuggets-original artyfacts …
    Django Django

  14. At this moment my fave records are Fay Hallam & The Bongolian “Lost In Sound” (Blow Up) album and Hammond Express “Another Steppin’ Soul” (Irma) album.

    Fabio T.

  15. Ronnie Diamond

    Bo Diddley

  16. Circuit 68 – band of Modernists from the North East of England – their self made album ‘ELEVEN’ was released last November and is casusing a stir locally – here’s a youtube clip and I think it has a free download.


  17. Missing Andy – Generation Silenced.

    Amazing debut album

  18. Davidguiry

     HUNT’S DETERMINATION BAND on EAR WAX I Need Love Part 2!.Real cool funk tune!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9EhFrlxCxE

  19. Been listening to all of the Small Faces reissues on CD over the past month and I’m sure like many Small Faces completists are wondering what’s coming next? I seem to remember reading comments made my Kenney/Mac that plans were being made for a Small Faces box set featuring a sizeable amount of unreleased material. Does anybody out there know if this is still going to happen?
    Having read a number of recent interviews surrounding these reissues it would seem a large number of the Small Faces master tapes have been stolen/disappeared and so are we to assume that what is now out there as bonus material on these deluxe edition reissues is the end of the Small Faces story?
    The lack of Autumn Stone as part of this current series (which, along with ‘From The Beginning’, appeared to as a collection of unreleased instrumentals, singles and live tracks cobbled together by Immediate to form a ‘Best of’ following the bands demise) However, it did feature gems such as ‘Autumn Stone’, Red Balloon, The Universal and the brilliant instrumental ‘Wide Eyed Girl on the Wall’. Are we to assume that these tracks along with ‘Donkey Rides A Penny A Glass’ (and lesser known instrumental out takes such as ‘The Pigs Trotters’ and ‘War Of The Worlds’) could form part of the aforementioned box set later in the year???
    PS: Charly Worldwide (who have provided a large part of the material released by Universal for this reissue series) appear to be releasing both the Small Faces album (Immediate) along with Ogdens (deluxe vinyl) alongside Universal’s reissue series. Why is this? Adverts for both products specify that neither are for sale in the U.K., and that any orders made from within the U.K. will have their payments returned (as with HIP-O many years ago and their rare motown reissues). Are we to assume Universal will soon follow suit and issue similar packages to these for sale within the U.K.?

    • In response to my own question, Mojo magazine have answered it, in their October issue (Kenney Jones meets Bradley Wiggins, P.14). Check it out for news of the 5 Disc Small Faces Box Set out in the New Year! (So I wasn’t imagining it after all!)

  20. Craig Isle

    The Jam, always the jam

  21. Hi,

    Newbie here – I have made a few compilations in Spotify – Incase anyone it interested (and uses Spotify) search for Coleon and let me know what you think??? Mod Revival is a work in progress whilst the other two should appeal to a wider audience, some stuff you will no doubt no, other stuff you may not, check it out and keep it real folks

  22. Zu Zu Man by the Zu Zu Blues Band. Awesome! Apparently it’s an early-60s incarnation of Dr John. Far better than the stuff he’s famous for.

  23. Matt James

    Hi – for anyone interested, I have 3 Northern Soul mixes on my soundcloud. Free to download – please feel free to pass onto your friends. http://www.soundcloud.com/matt-james
    Keep The Faith

  24. Lee_Miller

    Not on the Spotify level yet, but looking too be there soon.

    But I’ve got a wee YouTube channel – MODSPINNER

    Over 300 tracks recorded from original 45’s & LP’s…

    Hope you enjoy.

  25. currently listening to The Actions version of I’ll keep on holding on, just discovered this 60’s mod band.

  26. listening to a number of new 7’s
    Vibe creators – dont want to be lonely
    The Above – My Love
    but biggest listen this past week has been New Street Adventure – live at 100 club….

  27. A lot of Acid Jazz. The Frays and the EP choice rare mod and a bit of vinyl.

  28. I can’t get the Hollies out of my head at the moment, Tony Hicks is cool as !

  29. Ольга Иванова

    The Who, Hipster Image, Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames.

  30. everyone listen to Miles Kane

  31. Just listened to If You Ask Me (Because I Love You) by Jerry Williams, the first time for years – I’d forgotten how good it was!

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