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Double dose of Italian summer fun

Whilst the weather here in the UK has been less than great recently you may have been contemplating getting away for some sun.  And what better way to do that than by getting some mod fun into the bargain too. Here are two recommended Italian weekenders to give you such an opportunity.Hot_mod_summer

First up is Hot Mod Summer On The Lake taking place in Perugia in June. Organised by the Perugia Cool Scene group, the annual event is set in a beautiful venue and is always very popular. Hot Mod Summer offers two allnighters, a scooter run, swimming pool party, and plenty of opportunity to sunbathe. Weekend DJs are Giulio Bresin, Michael Myers, Mike Painter, and Nancy Yahiro.

Secondly there is The Right Track On The Beach in Terracina, 60km south of Rome. Get Smart Roma and Mods Blood Fish Terracina have got together to turn their annual ‘getaway at the beach’ into a full blown weekender. The venue is a cool terrace set on the beach, helping keep the party-goers from overheating in the summer heat. Like Hot Mod Summer there are two allnighters and scooter run, plus live music on the first night from Smart Riot. Joining The Right Track crew on the decks over the weekend are guests Mary Boogaloo, French Fred, Michael Wink, and Borja Sanchez.Rite_track_3

Hot Mod Summer On The Lake 2008
27th-29th June 2008
Lago Trasimeno, Perugia, Northern Italy
Info: [email protected], Myspace page is here.

The Right Track On The Beach
11th-13th July 2008
Terracina, Central Italy
Info: Stilemod site here or The Right Track Myspace page here.

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