Dr Martens suede monkey boots


Interesting 'new' shoe from Dr Martens – these suede monkey boots.

As you might have worked out, this is an update to the classic late 60s monkey boots that the 'Doc' once knocked out, this time with a more premium suede finish and contrast detailing, along with (of course) an air-cushioned sole.

Various colour options available, all selling for £80 a pair.

Find out more at the Hip website


  1. Fairy Modmother

    I love these!

  2. Pressure Drop

    Sorry but don’t recall Doc Marten ever making Monkey Boots?
    These are ‘interesting’ to say the least, I guess they tick all the boxes for Mods/Skinheads/Suedeheads but there’s something a bit ‘wrong’ about them but also something strangely alluring in a ‘Lily Allen’ sort of way. I might just be tempted.

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