eBay watch: 1960s Scooter magazines


Whilst looking for something completely different (as is always the case), I just found this small selection of Scooter and Three Wheeler magazine from the 1960s.

There are six issues in total, five with a 'Buy It Now' of £12.50, but one issue at just 99p as part of a 'proper' auction, but if you're into your vintage scoots, all are worth a look.

The 68-page issue above is from 1962 and has a great period cover along with features on the 'new' 160cc Vespa GS, maintenance features, a scoot around Scotland feature and a focus on the Isle of Man 1962 National Scooter Rally. Check them all out on the eBay site.

Scooter and Three Wheeler magazines on eBay

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