eBay watch: Dances for Mods & Rockers magazine

Dances for Mods & Rockers magazine
Dances for Mods & Rockers magazine
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A marvellous bit of nonsense from the early ’60s in the form of the Dances for Mods & Rockers magazine.

Of course, this is a cash-in magazine, produced by Panther and written by ‘Marie Cartmell of Radio Luxembourg’s Dancing Party’. According to the seller, this ‘pictorial’ features 38 pages of illustrations, pictures and step by step instructions of how to do the Bossa Nova, Loddy Lo, Blue Beat, Hitch Hiker, Blues or Shake, Jive, Huggy Bug, Tamoure Beeje, Hully Gully, Swim or Cavern Stomp. No I’ve no idea about most of those – there’s certainly no mention of the Block there anyway.

Good luck to the seller trying to get £99.99 for this. He or she might need it, unless some ardent completist comes along.

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