eBay watch: London Dossier paperback

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Not really a useful travel guide in 2010, but back in 1967, Len Deighton's London Dossier might just have got you around the world of 'swinging' London.

Deighton was asked to produced a contemporary travel guide for the city and in turn, used writers who were part of the London 'scene' to write it. It's interesting as a reference guide to an era and well worth reading – a record of an era long past…when 22 was 'old' for a mod (claims the book).

The cover is interesting and often the most damaged over the years. This eBay copy has a crease on the classic keyhole design of the cover, but at least it's still in one piece. It hides a picture of Twiggy, you know. £7.99 is the current price of this one, or there's a 'buy it now' of £9.99.

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