eBay watch: Terry Hall's tonic suit


Bit of an odd one on eBay, it's a tonic suit made for Terry Hall. Except he didn't wear it.

The suit was made by a company called Ace Face Clothing and obviously left a bit of room for growth. It was made for the reunion tour and was worn for publicity shots, but was never actually worn, so it's effectively new. Even if it is made to measure for someone else.

Sizings are 45.5-inch chest chest, 39-inch waist trousers and a 32-inch leg. The cloth is a single ply tonic cloth and the  colour is Crimson Green, a 'predominant red with green undertones most notable when the wearer moves or the sun hits the suit'. Bids are are for the suit 'as is', so no alterations. You are recommended to 'take the suit to your nearest alterations dry cleaner'. Classy. 10 per cent of profits go to charity (Help For Heroes), the rest doesn't. £250 is the current bid price on eBay right now.

Find out more at the eBay website

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