Eddie Piller Presents The Mod Top 40 vinyl collection

Eddie Piller Presents The Mod Top 40 vinyl collection
Eddie Piller Presents The Mod Top 40 vinyl collection
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Yes, there is a longer CD set, but Eddie Piller Presents The Mod Top 40 vinyl collection is there for LP lovers too.

If you have read about the CD set, then you’ll know all about this. But if you haven’t, I’ll go over it briefly once more. But it revolves around the fabled Mod Top 100.

You probably know the story. Randy Cozens, a ‘60s Mod from the 60s who was later behind the much-loved 6TS soul club, used to write letters to ‘Sounds’, ‘NME’ and all other music publications of the era about the real sound of Mod at a time when the Mod revival bands ruled the roost. The ‘real heritage of their Mod forefathers’.

One of the music papers relented from the onslaught (or rather, saw an opportunity to dig deeper), and ‘Sounds’ asked Randy to compile his own Mod Top 100 of ‘real mod music’, which ran as part of a Bank Holiday edition in August ’79. The list contained 97 soul/jazz records, two ska records and one false track (named after Ian Clarke, the soul DJ) to prevent anyone from claiming they have all 100. Because there has to be some elitism.

The CD box runs with this idea to reproduce an updated version of the Top 100. However, the vinyl is more of a curated selection, picking out a selection of the tracks over two discs.

As you probably guessed, 40 tracks in total, with some lovely packaging too, featuring words and some pictures of Randy Cozens, courtesy of his family who have worked on this project alongside Eddie.

The double vinyl was released on 30th August 2024 and is available to pre-order now. It sells for £29.99. Tracks below.

Find out more about the vinyl at the Amazon website


Side A

A1. Doris Troy – What’cha Gonna Do About It
A2. Hank Jacobs – So Far Away
A3. Nella Dodds – Come See About Me
A4. George Stone – Hole In The Wall
A5. The High Keys – Que Sera Sera
A6. Betty Everett – Getting Mighty Crowded
A7. Sugar Pie DeSanto – I Don’t Wanna Fuss
A8. Rufus Thomas – Walking The Dog
A9. Joe Tex – Hold What You Got
A10. Irma Thomas – Time Is On My Side

Side B

B1. Ike And Tina Turner – I Can’t Believe What You Say
B2. Chuck Jackson – Any Day Now
B3. Major Lance – The Monkey Time
B4. Inez And Charlie Foxx – La De Da, I Love You
B5. Mary Love – I’m In Your Hands
B6. The Larks – The Jerk
B7. Mitty Collier – I Had A Talk With My Man
B8. Maxine Brown – Oh No Not My Baby
B9. The Sapphires – Gotta Have Your Love
B10. Solomon Burke – Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

Side C

C1. Lee Dorsey – Ride Your Pony
C2. Jackie Ross – Selfish One
C3. The Sharpees – Tired Of Being Lonely
C4. Roy Head & The Traits – Treat Her Right
C5. Little Milton – Who’s Cheating Who?
C6. James Brown – Out Of Sight
C7. Don Covay – Mercy Mercy
C8. Darrell Banks – Open The Door To Your Heart
C9. Bessie Banks – Go Now
C10. Bobby Moore & His Rhythm Aces – Searching For My Love

Side D

D1. Phil Upchurch Combo – You Can’t Sit Down Part 1
D2. Jackie Lee – The Duck
D3. Bobby Sheen – Dr. Love
D4. The Poets – She Blew A Good Thing
D5. Little Hank – Mr Bang Bang Man
D6. Jerry Jackson – It’s Rough Out There
D7. Bunny Sigler – Let The Good Times Roll – Feel So Good
D8. Chris Bartley – Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven
D9. Toussaint McCall – Nothing Takes The Place Of You
D10. Mickey Lee Lane – Hey-Sah-Lo-Nay

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