The Exciting and Dynamic Sounds of the Hammond B3 Organ

The Exciting and Dynamic Sounds of the Hammond B3 Organ
The Exciting and Dynamic Sounds of the Hammond B3 Organ
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Fancy some organ sounds? Check out The Exciting and Dynamic Sounds of the Hammond B3 Organ on vinyl.

At least, you can next month, with a pre-order now available if you want to get your name down on day one.

This is a vinyl-only release via PTR, a label I don’t think I am familiar with. The details are a bit sketchy. Just the usual stuff about being pitched as an affordable church organ but moving into jazz circles courtesy of Jimmy Smith (and others), as well as making a mark on the rock circuit further down the line.

This is a collection of grooves that avoids the excesses of prog and focuses more on the funky and 60s side of things. But also the lesser-known too. Most of the tracks on here are fairly obscure and perhaps that’s the albums selling point on the face of it. Some (but not all) of these go for big money on 45.

If you want to get an idea, do what I did and Google the tracks on here, as many are uploaded to Youtube as 45s. To my ears, definitely geared towards a Mod audience.

Anyway, tracklisting below and Rough Trade is doing pre-orders of the album and good old-fashioned back vinyl for £14.99. The album is out on 14th August 2020.

Find out more at the Rough Trade website


1 Soul Food – Rice Brothers
2 Cold Sweat – Mel & the Blue Aces
3 Pass the Soul – Silas & the Soul Counts
4 Put It in There – Bob Bassett
5 This Is It – Rudi Johnson Trio
6 Shotgun – Sam Hankins & the Ho-Dads
7 The Crawl – Crumb & the Soul Touchers
8 Mister Kool – The Magnificents
9 Funky Boo Ga Loo – Mr. C.B.S.
10 You Better Believe It – Tom Hurley Combo
11 Kitchen Sink – Leo Valentine Trio
12 Night Train – Lewie & the 7 Days
13 Smoking Bananas – George & the Highlanders

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  1. Ian Shipley

    Looks like it’s only vinyl … no CD or digital. Is that right?

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