Fay Hallam Trinity in Leeds

Faysmall Fay Hallam’s latest musical project, The Fay Hallam Trinity, will play a rare live date in Leeds this Saturday.

The band,  who have just released their new single, "We Live To Shine", and their debut album, "Realm", on Biff Bang Pow Records (and reviewed shortly on Modculture) will be playing their first "live" gig in Leeds on Saturday 11th February.

The gig will take place at Brighton Beach which is held at Leeds University. More details on the entrance price, timings and venue can be obtained from [email protected]. General details of Brighton Beach can be found in the Modculture clubbing guide.

DJ’s for the night are two of the best around – Lee "Windy" Miller and Gav Needham, so take your dancing shoes!

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  1. last time i saw u playing u were in MAKIN TIME and that was in Belfast in th late 80’s

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