Fleur De Lys book reviewed


Trust me, if you saw the Modculture review backlog pile, you would either laugh or cry. Hacked into on an almost daily basis, it fills up almost as quickly. Which means all of the good intentions of firing up reviews in double quick time all too often come to nothing. Which is where Circles: The Strange Story of the Fleur De Lys by Paul Anderson and Damian Jones comes in.

The book came out at the back end of 2009, but due to other priorities, the review has only just crept online – and that's thanks to Jon Farmer, who has knocked up an extensive review piece that certainly does the book of 'Britain's forgotten soul band' proud.

Check it out now and if you like it, the book sells from around £10.99.

Fleur De Lys book review at Modculture

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  1. I would love to read this, I didn’t realise they looked so cool.
    In a recent Letter From England I reviewed Sharon Tandy’s Hold On, which I believe had FDL’s guitarist on it. John from Diesel Park West reckons this song is basically Purple Haze- anyhow the guitar playing is absolutely incredible. A really, really great track as many know already.

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