Fred Perry Spring collection

The Fred Perry Spring collection for 2009 has just gone on sale.

FP Spring collection

As well as making some slight alterations to previous lines there are some new pieces for mods to enjoy. On the women's side are a couple of dresses. The first, the piquet shirt dress (as worn by the blonde girl in the collage here) is a beautiful slim dress, retailing at £85. The grandad collar dress is a unique elbow-length-sleeve knitted cotton dress, priced at £70. Finally there is the tight-fitting short-sleeve gingham shirt, with an unusual penny collar. This is priced at £55.

On the men's side the previously mentioned knitted polo shirt is an attractive purchase, as is a new version of the classic polo shirt with one piping instead of two. This 'original single-tip shirt' is a replica (in design and colour ranges) of the 1964 version, which itself was the result of the time when mods would suggest to the company to add pipping to their shirts. Yours for £60. Also new in are a plaid check shirt in blue (£50), and a fly weight Harrington jacket, which differs from the norm by having a wax finish, and corduroy inside the collar. This final item is from the limited edition range and will set you back a reccession-busting £175.

Some of these items are available to buy now from the Fred Perry website here. Those that are not can be bought instore (see website for shops and stockists), or will be added to the website in due course.

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