Fred Perry Knitted Polo Shirt

Seems like this season, Fred Perry has been going through its old design books of the 60s and 70s for inspiration – or rather – to bring back its classic designs, but at prices very different from 40 years ago.

The first of them is this Fred Perry Men’s Tailored Sportswear Texture Knit Shirt. or as you and I would know it, the knitted polo shirt. The originals of these change hands for big money on eBay and in vintage shops, so it’s on surprise to see their return.

It’s a textured knit sports shirt with embroidered laurel, made from a 50/50 mix of cotton and acrylic. Colours are the red pictured or black. For those of you who choked at the price of the Paul Weller Fred Perry shirt, you’ll not like the price of this – it retails for £90.

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  1. lovely shirt – bet the blue one looks nice. however i absolutely refuse to pair their ridiculous prices
    (i remember when you could get a nice fred for a fiver)
    mutter mutter mutter….

  2. Great top, 3 buttons at the collar etc., but the price is a disaster and a joke.

  3. One of the nicest Fred Perry tops ever, for £90 would I let the little lady wash it, would I heck!

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