Free Paul Weller Devlin remix MP3


Here's something to divide you – but as it's being offered for free, you've nothing to lose except two minutes of your life listening to this reworking of Paul Weller.

This is the Devlin remix of Fast Car / Slow Traffic, which is released as a single on September 13th on Island Records. Not this version, the original one. Who is Devlin? Apparently a 'a grime lyricist hailing from Dagenham, Essex'. Indeed. Needless to say, it's likely to be a 'bit much' for some of you.

Anyway, it's free, so grab it now. There's also a Primal Scream remix of this ready to go too – I  strongly suspect it will be better than this.

Free Paul Weller remix MP3 download

Note that this track is offered legally in conjunction with the record label and is not hosted on this site.

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