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Billion I’m a big fan of Andy Lewis’ work – anyone who can pick out some classic vintage grooves and make them sound fresh in 2006 is alright by me. And he’s a damn fine DJ judging by his recent performance at the Pow Wow Club.

Anyway – he’s offering up a free track. I’ll leave the rest to him…

"As a youth, I spent many hours listening to stations such as Radio Caroline and Laser 558, their programmes beamed in from the North Sea at right-angles to the laws of the land, finger poised over the Record button on my ITT cassette recorder in anticipation of another play of "Sinful" by Mr Bloe, "Maybe Tomorrow Maybe Tonight" by Earth And Fire, "Golf Girl" by Caravan, "The Horse" by Cliff Nobles, "Night Of Fear" by The Move and "Where The Rhythm Takes You" by Makin’ Time.

I still have a couple of cassette tapes’ worth of these medium-wave musical memories, and digging them out of a drawer at my parents’ place the other day inspired a new tune. By way of a celebration of my birthday on February 1st, I shall be making this tune, "Radio Wonderful", available as a free download from MySpace for one week, and one week only. I’ll also be posting up "What Can I Say", a 21st Century stab at Northern Soul-inspired pop featuring the sensationally soulful voice of Dave Jay and the magnificent sax of Michelle Imbierski, again free and exclusive to MySpace for just a week.

I’m also having a bit of a do at Casino Royale at The Barfly in Camden Town, London on Saturday February 4th. If you fancy coming, dear reader, let me know as soon as possible so I can make arrangements to have your name put on the guest list. You can contact me through MySpace’s frequently quite good messaging service, or via [email protected]"

You can find Andy Lewis’ My Space at:

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