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Free Sympathy For The Devil DVD

Sympathy For The Devil
, Jean-Luc Godard’s take on late 60s American counterculture, interspersed with footage of the Rolling Stones recording the Beggar’s Banquet album (or vice versa) was recently reissued by Fabulous Films and is selling on Amazon right now for around £16.

So it must be really annoying if you picked it up – as the Sunday Times is giving it away – absolutely free – on Sunday 6th August.

I’m guessing there’s a drawback. Ok, it’ll just have a small slipcase rather than the big DVD case of the retail release. And you’ll not get the trailers and biographies that pad out the latest DVD issue.

But it’s £16 cheaper – so make sure you get yourself down to the newsagents early. And if you’ve just bought one – I’d take it back.

Find out more from the Sunday Times website

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