Friday on my Mind – follow-up

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Ok, we mentioned this yesterday, when details were vague. Well, the author of Friday on my Mind, Don Hughes, has sent over some more details.

According to Don, Friday on my Mind 'chronicles my life from a 50s childhood to when I reached eighteen in 1967. Focusing on my home town of Hounslow in west london FOMM is an in depth study of how I became involved in the local mod scene around 1963 through the halycon years of 64 to 66  then onto the rapid decline during 1967.'

He adds: 'I was invited to write the book by my long term friend…author Phil Strongman…it was the Modculture forums with their complaints of 'why do we get the same ol' stories from the same ol' journo friendly people' that convinced me a book by 'someone who was there' should be written. So here it is.'

If you want a copy, you can email the author at [email protected], with copies priced at £19.99 including postage and packing for UK residents. If you are outside the UK, enquire about postage.

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  1. Don Hughes

    To modcuture
    I’ve had considerable response to your promotion of my book..Friday On My Mind which I thank you for. However can you please email me your contact details so I can send you a copy to review. Many out there are eager to read modculture’s comments.
    Don Hughes

  2. when will there be a review on this book

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