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Gainsbourg – DVD / Blu-ray details


Not long out of the cinema, the recent biopic of Serge Gainsbourg, which went by the name of Gainsbourg, is heading to DVD and Blu-ray.

Both are set for release on 10th January 2011, so you might want to save some of your Christmas money if you were a fan of the movie when it went round the cinemas – or you missed it first time round.


According to the details we've been sent, both discs have the same extras, including some behind the scenes footage, an exclusive interview with writer / director Joann Sfar and Eric Elmosnino (Serge), plus a further interview with Joann Sfar and the original trailer.

Of course, the Blu-ray version will also be in high definition. Both versions are available to pre-order now at Amazon, with the DVD discounted to £11.99, the Blu-ray down to £15.99.

Find out more at the Amazon website

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