Gakken Mook Fashion Text Series

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Some of you might be aware of the Ivy illustrated books, superb pocket guides to the ivy league look that came out of Japan some years back. They went quickly and are now very collectable. Which is why we think these Gakken Mook Fashion Text Series books should be snapped up, if you are into our clobber.

The books are from the same people who brought you the Ivy Illustrated books, as those familiar with the originals will instantly know. Like those originals, the new books have the same illustrations, plus guides on how to wear the items, what to look for when buying etc. The text is in Japanese (these are imported), but the sketches will say as much as the words.

Take your pick from The Suit, The Shoes, The Shirt, The Outerwear and The Jacket, all of which are pictured over the page. Each one retails in very limited quantities for £20 each.

Find out more at the Superdenim website

Update: if Superdenim sell out, they're also available at Amazon Japan, which is where I got my original Ivy Illustrated books from. They sell for £8.96 each there, but you'll need to factor in post and import duty.


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  1. Kurt_Remarque

    I purchased these various titles in the Gakken Mook series from my local Kinokuniya Japanese bookstore.
    In the UK you should also be able to order them through Kinokuniya Publications Service of London.
    In addition to the five titles illustrated above and on the Superdenim website , there is the sixth and latest title “The Accessories” briefly covering neckwear, bags, wristwatches, eyewear, headwear, belts , braces, wallets, gloves, umbrellas , socks , pocket squares, cuff links and fountain pens.

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