Garage Greats 45 reissue series

Here in the UK some enterprising souls have set up a new label Garage Greats, dedicated to re-issuing the best and rarest garage 45s from around the world. Plaguegoaway7inch

The first batch of ten records include classics such as Fe Fi Four Plus 2’s ‘I Wanna Come Back (from the World of LSD)’ The Heard’s version of ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’, and The Plague’s ‘Go Away’. Some of these 45s are so rare as to be simply impossible to find no matter how deep your pockets (less than 20 known original copies in all cases). Each 45 has been remastered at London’s Abbey Road studios for ‘maximum playback enjoyment’. In keeping with the original releases the original labels have been reproduced faithfully. Each release is a hand-numbered limited edition of 500 that comes in a generic Garage Greats house bag.

The website has been registered and advertised but is currently inactive (hopefully that will change soon). In the meantime  you want to purchase any of these 45s your best bet is from Bomp Mailorder in then US and Soundflat in Europe.


  1. these are all fine & dandy but way way way overpriced..
    at system records in the uk they are £6.74 each before postage!
    soundflat and bomp are even dearer.
    wish theyd put em in a box set and flog em for £50 a set or something…anyone know any cheaper places?

  2. They are a lot cheaper than the originals. They mention that each original is nearly a $1000 record and I think that is about right. The only one I’ve ever seen was The Barons, Now You’re Mine and that auction closed at over $800!
    Also, since each one is pressed in quantities of 500 they probably need to charge a bit more than usual to break even 😉

  3. PJ Crittenden

    Nice for people who want the music on vinyl but the people who made the music aren’t getting a penny from these releases. I wouldn’t mind them being priced so high if I knew proper royalties were being paid out. The people who made this music aren’t difficult to track down and get in touch with.

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