Geno Washington compilation

March 20th sees the release of a 2 CD compilation of mod favourite Geno Washington’s finest moments under the title of ‘Foot Stompin’ Soul’.

The collection, which is a mix of 45s and material from Geno’s live albums, is released to celebrate 40 years of Geno’s music – and he’s still doing it today. A review of the album is coming soon on Modculture.

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Geno is also being given the BBC documentary treatment too – filming is taking place now with the show going out on an (as yet) unconfirmed date later this year. And he’s releasing two albums of new material too.

For the full compilation tracklisting, read the continuation of this article.

Disc: 1
1. Philly Dog
2. Ride Your Pony
3. Uptight
4. I’m A Road Runner
5. Hold On I’m Comin’
6. Don’t Fight It
7. Land Of A Thousand Dances
8. Respect
9. Willy Nilly
10. Get Down With It
11. You Don’t Know Like I Know
12. Herk’s Works
13. Day Tripper/I Can’t Turn You Loose
14. You Left The Water Running
15. In The Midnight Hour
16. High Heel Sneekers
17. Shotgun
18. It’s A Wonder
19. Wild Thing
20. I Take What I Want
21. Gimme A Little Sign/Raise Your Hand
22. Rock Me Baby
23. I Get So Excited
24. Medley
25. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Disc: 2
1. Water
2. Understanding
3. Hi Hi Hazel
4. Beach Bash
5. Que Sera Sera
6. Michael (The Lover)
7. I Gotta Hold On To My Love
8. If You Knew
9. She Shot A Hole In My Soul
10. I’ve Been Hurt By Love
11. Tell It Like It Is
12. Different Strokes
13. You Got Me Hummin’
14. Raise Your Hand
15. Use Me
16. Knock On Wood
17. Never Like This Before
18. I’m Your Puppet
19. I Can’t Quit Her
20. Put Out The Fire Baby
21. I Can’t Let You Go
22. Bring It To Me Baby
23. My Little Chickadee
24. Seven Eleven
25. Alison Please
26. Feeling So Good (Skooby Doo)
27. Dirty Dirty
28. If This Is Love I’d Rather Be Lonely

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  1. The Laird of Enfield

    I know a guy that wis working as an sound guy in the studio wi’ Geno Washington recently.
    Says he had to keep reminding him not to dance about, twirl, etc whilst singing cos it wis f*cking up the sound balance 😀

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