George Fame – Rhythm & Blues At The BBC 1965

George Fame - Rhythm & Blues At The BBC 1965
George Fame – Rhythm & Blues At The BBC 1965
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Rhythm and Blues Records is releasing the George Fame – Rhythm & Blues At The BBC 1965 vinyl, plus a more extensive CD set.

it isn’t the first Georgie Fame collection the label has released. You might already own the similar-looking Ricky Tick and Camden Theatre releases. But the two sets here are brand new options.

Talking of options, take your pick between the more extensive CD collection and the limited vinyl set. I know many will opt for vinyl, but if you want the full works then you really need the CD. What I’m probably saying is that you might have to buy both if you are a fan.

Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames - The Complete Live Broadcasts / BBC Radio Sessions 1964-1967
Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames – The Complete Live Broadcasts / BBC Radio Sessions 1964-1967


Let’s start with the CD, which is titled Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames – The Complete Live Broadcasts / BBC Radio Sessions 1964-1967. This is Fame (arguably) in his prime and his unmistakable mix of jazz, blues and soul.

What you have on this CD set is 47 songs and 17 interviews recorded for the BBC between 1964 and 1967 – and all in superb quality sound. The tracklisting is at the end of the article if you want it.

Or go for the vinyl. That’s Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames – Rhythm & Blues At The BBC 1965. It is what you expect, a more compact collection of BBC recordings, with 18 songs broadcast on the BBC in 1965. All are presented here in ‘sparkling hi-fidelity sound’, with notes by Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson to accompany it.

You should eventually be able to get it from the Rhythm & Blues Records website but right now the only place doing pre-orders is the Rough Trade website. Both formats are out on 4th July 2021, with the CD set selling for £12.99 and the vinyl version for £19.99.

CD One tracks:

1. Introduction & Interview
2. Saturday Night Fish Fry
3. Interview on arrangements
4. Yeh Yeh (1)
5. Preach And Teach
6. Interview on being #1
7. Yeh Yeh (2)
8. Tell All The World About You
9. Let The Sunshine In
10. Interview on success in USA
11. In The Meantime (1)
12. Point Of No Return (1)
13. Telegram
14. Yeh Yeh (3)
15. Interview on Johnny Burch
16. In The Meantime (2)
17. Get On The Right Track, Baby
18. Interview on the follow-up
19. Like We Used To Be (1)
20. Rockin‘ Pneumonia Boogie Woogie Flu
21. No No
22. Move It On Over
23. Interview on dancing
24. Like We Used To Be (2)
25. Monkeying Around
26. Point Of No Return (2)
27. Interview on John Mayall
28. Something
29. Ride Your Pony
30. The World Is Round
31. Interview on jazz
32. My Girl
33. Boot-leg

CD Two tracks:

1. Interview on Sweet Thing
2. Sweet Thing (1)
3. Funny How Time Slips Away
4. See-Saw
5. Uptight
6. Interview with Lulu
7.Call Me
8. You’ll Never Leave Him
9. Interview on Get Away
10. Get Away (1)
11. Last Night
12. Close The Door
13. Interview on going to USA
14. Get Away (2)
15. Sweet Thing (2)
16. Sunny (1)
17. Interview on Sound Venture
18. Dawn Yawn
19. Lovey Dovey
20. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag
21. Interview on Harry South
22. Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
23. Three Blind Mice
24. Do The Dog
25. Interview on end of the Blue Flames
26. Because I Love You
27. Point Of No Return (3)
28. Waiting Time
29. Interview on New York
30. El Pussycat 31. Sunny (2)

LP tracks:

Side 1
1. Saturday Night Fish Fry
2. Preach And Teach
3. Yeh Yeh
4. Tell All The World About You
5. Let The Sunshine In
6. In The Meantime
7. The Point Of No Return
8. Telegram
9. Rockin‘ Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu

Side 2
1. No No
2. Move It On Over
3. Like We Used To Be
4. Monkeying Around
5. Something
6. Ride Your Pony
7. The World Is Round
8. My Girl
9. Boot-Leg

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