Ghetto Ska on Kingston Sounds


Not actually heard this, but browsing through a music magazine, I noticed Ghetto Ska release on Kingston Sounds (this very week in fact), which might be worth a look a look for fans of vintage Jamaican sounds.

The compilation revolves around Theophilus 'Easy Snapping' Beckford, with the album featuring early cuts by the ska pioneer, either as a session man or producer, including own work like 'Flip, Flop and Fly' (aka Walking Down King Street), 'Mr Downpressor', 'Don't Have a Ticket Don't Worry', 'Grudgeful People', 'Ungrateful People', 'What A Woe' and 'Boilerman', plus Basil Gabiddon's 'Streets of Glory', Frank Cosmo's 'On Your Knees', Shenley and Annette's 'Now Your Gone' and Daniel Johnson's 'Come On My People'.

Play has it for £7.99 on CD or try the label itself directly.

Kingston Sounds website

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