Half-price Mikkel Rude button-down shirts with two for one deal

Mikkel Rude button-down shirts
Mikkel Rude button-down shirts
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Picked this up on the new forum, specifically that there are some half-price Mikkel Rude button-down shirts now available from the man himself.

I’m second guessing these are end of range, but as the mod-friendly shirtmaker doesn’t do ‘fashion’, that’s hardly going to matter much. But you will need to get lucky in your chosen size/shirt combination though, as some sizes have already sold through. Also, as the title says, you’ll have to buy two shirts as a minimum order, but postage for two (and above) is free.

Check them out here, with prices for selected shirts at £32.50, down from £65, when you buy two of the markdown range.

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  1. Want to by some shirts how its like top secert

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