Heavy Mod Mojo CD

Mojo magazine comes up trumps again with its latest issue that features another quality cover-mounted compilation CD.

The Heavy Mod CD contains 15 tracks from artists such as The Move, The Yardbirds, Deep Purple, The Creation, The Pretty Things, Small Faces, and Aphrodite’s Child. Mojo says it is celebrating ‘the artists who took the ‘60s mod batton and carried it into a fierce, overdriven future’.

The CD comes with the latest issue, out this Tuesday (25th November). Mojo cover stars this month are those much-loved/much-hated (delete as appropriate) pseudo-mods Oasis. Also featured this month are the new Kinks boxset, Neil Young, and The Beach Boys. For more on Mojo visit their website here.

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  1. Damn!, I used to have this CD and it was amazing! but I’ve lost it and would love to know exactly what the tracks were?

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