Hisknibs retro illustration

Hisknibs You may have seen the work of hisknibs in ther past without realising it – it’s been featured regularly on the Modculture site for the last few months in the form of the flyer and poster for Sheffield’s Pow Wow Club. If you like that, now is your chance to see much more of his work, as the mod scene’s favourite artist has gone online for the first time.

The hisknibs website will feature a mix of the artist’s work past and present, with a heavy emphasis on new ideas and "work in progress". There will also be a number of images based around the mod scene ("modspotting") – so watch out – you could be caught on canvas!

The first images are now online, and you are encouraged to leave your comments against the work. Images, greetings cards, postacards and other collectables featuring hisknibs’ designs will be available in the near future.

Visit the hisknibs website

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