I'm One by Horst A. Friedrichs


We usually get advanced warning of the various mod-related books that come out, but the first we've heard of I'm One (Trust In Mod) by Horst A. Friedrichs is via a pre-release piece from Amazon.

To be honest, the piece makes the book sound pretty awful, but read between the lines and it sounds much better. Skip most of the text and get to: 'Whether shot in Margate, Scarborough, Brighton, or London, Friedrich's photographs could be right out of 1966 in the way they capture the essence of Mod. This rare collection of stunning images provides a sensitive portrayal of Britain's Mod community from the past decade and a unique insight into the diversity of the contemporary Mod scene.'

So essentially a photobook of the modern-day mod scene. Which sounds just fine by us. We'll try and get a copy for review, but in the meantime, you can pre-order for £16.99 for an August delivery.

Find out more at the Amazon website

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