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Janice Graham Band – Murder

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Remember The Dead 60s? That’s who I thought about when I heard the Janice Graham Band.

Not that I’m having a go at the Janice Graham Band, I thought the former where much underrated. I’m just throwing in a reference point for the new signings to Acid Jazz. The first single, Murder, sounds like an update on The Specials take on ska (not unlike what the Dead 60s did), but with some modern day indie, a bit of old school funk, some aggression and an Arctic Monkeys-style regional vocal thrown in for good measure (but swap Sheffield for Manchester).

It’s a decent calling card for the album, which is probably what will define them as being contenders or not. That’s likely to land in the coming weeks via Acid Jazz. In the meantime, see below for a clip of that track and if you like, it’s available now.

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  1. Denis woods

    Good young Band.Bought the Album recently.Very promising.

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