Joe Meek's Mod Nuggets

Meek_mod I know some of you are Joe Meek fans, but to be honest, most of the output I’ve heard hasn’t done a great deal for me. Or maybe I’m just listening to the wrong stuff? Could be – as an album is released by Sanctuary next month under the intriguing title of Joe Meek: You’re Holding Me Down – 30 Freakbeat, Mod and R&B Nuggets.

It promises "the very best of indie maverick Joe Meek’s Beat, Freakbeat, R&B and Pysch productions", with most previously unavailable on CD, one not never before been released. Featured artists here include Tornados ’66, The Syndicats, The Buzz, David John & The Mood, Jason Eddie & The Centremen and The Cryin’ Shames – some with vinyl prices as high as £750.

We should have a review online before the release date, which is Monday 30th October.

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