John Simons finally introduces online shopping

 John Simons Apparel Company X Grenfell Mac
John Simons Apparel Company X Grenfell Mac
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The iconic ivy league and modernist retailer is always worth a visit if you happen to be in the Baker Street area of London. But now, you don’t have to be in the area, with the introduction of online shopping at John Simons.

Some of the key items from the store are now available to pick up on the net and be delivered to your door. Which makes life a lot easier if you don’t get to the capital too often.

Check out all the stock right now, including the John Simons Apparel Company X Grenfell Mac, pictured above. Based on jackets the young John Simons saw as a window dresser in the 1950s, it is made of the same traditional two-tone green cotton as the raincoats of the time and is, quite honestly, a timeless piece of clobber.

£420 is the price online. Check out that and the rest of the gear now.

John Simons website

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