John Pearse stylish slim ties

Ties are a tough one. It’s never easy to find a good quality/stylish slim tie if you don’t want to go down the vintage route – the last new one I bought was a plain coloured Prada one for an extortionate amount!

I don’t think these John Pearse slim ties will be any cheaper, but they seem to have a lot more in terms of looks. If you didn’t know, John was one of the founders of Granny Takes A Trip alongside Nigel Waymouth, with John being the clothes maker (with a Savile Row apprenticeship behind him). After an extended break, he’s still making clothes in London today.

And these ties are part of the range on offer. Slim, squared-off ending and with vibrant designs. All are made to order, with prices on application.

Find out more from the John Pearse website

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  1. I whent into his shop on Meard Street last time I was in London, – we spoke breifly about Granny Takes a Trip, his own “mod” credentials and “The Look” book, which I happened to have with me at the time.
    I did have a quick look at the ties but can’t say I was overly impressed. They werent too expensive however, about £55 a pop as I recall.

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