Now on Kindle: The Influential Factor by Graham Lentz

Now on Kindle: The Influential Factor by Graham Lentz
Now on Kindle: The Influential Factor by Graham Lentz
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Good news if you have the Amazon device – The Influential Factor by Graham Lentz is now on Kindle for a budget price.

Of course, if you prefer something more substantial you can pick up the newly-updated version of Graham’s book as a proper book, available from Amazon for £9.64 if you prefer that. A lot of you will.

In fact, either is a bargain compared to some of the prices of the original book. That book was self-published back in 20023, long before crowdfunding and social media were a thing.

It was heavy publicised by this site, along with postcards around clubs and mod-friendly events, resulting in the 2,000 or so copies of the book selling out. No, not a great deal of copies were made.

Fast forward to the recent past and Graham reworked the book for a second edition a mix of original content and updated material featuring people active on the mod scene in the modern era. This is the book available now.

As for the content, this is Graham’s take on the mod scene from the 1960s to the present day. A task and a half and as such, not everyone and everything makes the cut. But it does offer a timeline of the scene courtesy of the people who made it what it was and is.

As I said, a version for the Amazon Kindle is available and is the cheapest way to read the book You might lose something using the smaller format and portable device, but you do get to read it for a modest price.

That price? Just £3.78.

Find out more at the Amazon website

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  1. Hello,

    Do you know whether there are a lot of pictures / photos in the book?

    I had a look at the Amazon preview and at the book’s homepage, and it does not seem that way.

    Pictures don’t work very well on the Kindle.

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