King Of The Mods wax

Mods_wax Fancy yourself as King Of The Mods? You need some King Of The Mods hair wax.

It’s available from cosmetic retailer Lush and according to its website, "it shines hair, moisturises and holds softly in place no matter the adventure. Like Mods themselves, it’s controlled but not hard." It’s also good for your scalp (so they say) and good for waking you up in the morning, thanks to the tangy smell.

Whatever it does to your head, it’s certainly an amusing thing to have in the bathroom. It retails for £6.95.

Find out more at the Lush website

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  1. Reuben Firth

    Nice! I need some of this stuff, I can’t seem to get proper mod hair with the usual stuff. Lush have so nicked the names from The Mighty Boosh though. That show rocks. 🙂

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