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Lambert & Stamp movie gets a digital and DVD release

Lambert & Stamp movie gets a digital and DVD release
Lambert & Stamp movie gets a digital and DVD release
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If you like to download things, you can get this in a matter of days. If you prefer a physical product, there are still months to wait for Lambert & Stamp.

As you might well know, this is a documentary on The Who’s original management duo and of course, The Who itself. A very good one too, all the better for the original footage in here. We did a review of this some time back which you can read here.

If you didn’t catch it during the limited run end the cinema, you can always catch it via your own copy. First up is the digital release, which is said to be out via iTunes on 18th August – just five days off.

If you want to know more about that, check out the iTunes site on that day. We’ve tried to find out a price and as yet we aren’t seeing anything.

If you want to own something, there is a DVD release scheduled for the UK, but that’s not out until 16th November 2015. You can pre-order now though, with a price of £12.96.

We have seen sleeve art of it on Blu-ray in the US, but as yet, there’s no confirmation of that in the UK. If you are in the US however, you can get a Blu-ray from from that 18th August date. So not long to wait.

Find out more at the Amazon website

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